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Spreadsheets have ruled Earth for too long—business must embrace the cloud

Enlarge The one certainty in business software and services is that

We’ve been missing a big part of game industry’s digital revolution

Enlarge/ Data! Pew-pew! Aurich / Getty / Konami Fig. 1: A

Twitter’s stock plunges as user growth stalls

Enlarge/ Traders at the New York Stock Exchange beneath a monitor

Cable lobby claims US is totally overflowing in broadband competition

Free Press Are you ever frustrated about a lack of choice

YouTube Red and Google Play Music may merge into one service

Flickr: Rego Korosi Google is notorious for having many services that do

Lawsuit seeks Ajit Pai’s net neutrality talks with Internet providers

Enlarge/ FCC Chairman Ajit Pai testifying before a Senate subcommittee on

Verizon’s throttling of video should be investigated by FCC, petition says

Enlarge Getty Images | Steven Puetzer The Federal Communications Commission should

Democrat asks FCC chair if anything can stop net neutrality rollback

Enlarge/ US Rep. Michael Doyle (D-Penn.). Getty Images | Bloomberg US

Who owns Snopes? Fracas over fact-checking site now front and center

Enlarge/ David Mikkelson, the founder of Snopes, seen here at the

UK government wants to ban sale of gas and diesel cars starting in 2040

Enlarge Mike Hewitt/Getty Images All new petrol and diesel cars and

Toyota in “production engineering” for a solid state battery, WSJ says

Enlarge/ A power cable sits in the charge point of a

Net neutrality faceoff: Congress summons ISPs and websites to hearing

Enlarge/ Netflix took an active role in fighting for net neutrality

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