The Best Optical Illusions You Can Find Today

The best optical illusions are ones where you are staring at something and trying to make sense of it.  We, at NewsBreakouts, are delighted to AMAZE you with our collection of optical illusions.  Below,  you will find the absolute best.  This first one is actually just a static image, it is NOT a video, it is NOT an animated gif.  Just a simple flat picture.Newsbreakouts Moving Almond Plate

See how easy it was to deceive your eyes?

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This next one is a simple black chair set in a studio lit on both sides.  It is very difficult to tell which way it is facing.

Newsbreakouts Chair Optical illusion

Did you catch that?  A chair specifically designed for an optical illusion!

This next one is again a static board with a fixed number of squares.  You will see that the actual lines will move with a simple addition of plus signs on each corner.

Newsbreakouts Rotating Board

The board itself appeared to twist with just that small adjustment.

Have you ever blinked so fast that your eyes started creating images for your brain to process?  This next trick will do just that.  Here’s the simple instructions.  Stare at the moving picture for 5 seconds, then blink rapidly.  As rapidly as possible.

Newsbreakouts Blink Quickly

What did you see?

Now, for our last trick.  Have you ever tried moving objects with your mind?  It’s actually much simple than you may think.  Take a look at the moving train below:

newsbreakouts train optical illusion

All you had to do was think about it!

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