FRENCH ELECTION DEBATE: Le Pen says ‘companies hiring foreigners should be taxed’

The unemployment rate is more than 10 per cent in France. 

The leader of the Front National (FN), Marine Le Pen, says that the election has civilisation at stake and she is the candidate to put order back in France.

She said the Islamist threat poses a challenge to the country. 

The FN leader said foreign people should not have priority when it comes to employment and has called for intelligent protectionism. 

She proposed to tax companies that hire foreigners. 

She said: “Jobs are about money, the state needs to make it easy for companies, lower charges for businesses.

“The state must put in place a favourable environment for companies, not a state that gives them so many rules and taxes.

Republican candidate Francois Fillon said to improve the economy, he would “free the economy”.

He would change the work code, free the markets and invest in technologies.

Fillon compared France’s unemployment rate to that of Germany, which is 3.9 per cent. 

Chaminade says he wants some payments for all youths.

Macron, who is one of the leading candidates, says it is the entrepreneurs who create jobs.

He said: “We need to invest in the country, in the sectors which create jobs, we need to invest in the training of the unemployed people.”

The leader of En Marche said it was important to simplify rules to encourage entrepreneurship. 

He said: “We must invest to restart the machine”. 

Candidate Asselineau said it is important for France to be independent as the EU won’t allow ways to improve the French economy that have been suggested.

Philippe Poutou as said there should be a redistribution of wealth and a limit to the working week. 

Macron has said that he wants a Europe that protects its citizens, farmers, workers. 

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