Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Age, Is She A Vampire, What’s Her Secret?

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t age, she was born on July 24, 1969 and after seeing these recent pictures of her you’d think she’s in her 20s (early 30s at most).  JLo is currently dating rapper Drake who is 17 years YOUNGER than her, has this to say (see the video interview below):

She apparently got “labeled” as a person who likes to date younger men.  But she claims that age is merely a concept.

“I don’t date younger men, it’s not about that, I just meet people, it’s about the person, about who they are, not their age.”

Ellen also speculates that JLo may do a Superbowl halftime show.  Which is wonderful!

Here’s further proof that at almost 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez is timeless.

Plenty of people speculate that her reason for looking so young is from a lot of makeup.  But as you can see from these poolside pictures, no makeup is needed for JLo.

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