Why Jimmy Fallon’s Wheel of Musical Impressions Suck

Demi Lovato on jimmy fallonThe Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as a whole is beginning to fade, the Wheel of Musical impressions is a terrible waste of time and talent.

In case you are not familiar with Wheel of Musical Impressions, Jimmy Fallon invites a music talent to the show.  There are two microphones, one for the guest and one for Jimmy Fallon.  There is a pretend “easy” button on the desk and the guest usually goes first pressing the button.  Then a “random” artist and song generator pops up on the TV screen and “randomly” selects a musical piece for the impression.  The songs are usually children’s rhymes like the Alphabet song or Row Row Row Your Boat.  Both Fallon and the musical guest take turns impersonating an artist’s singing style with the randomly selected song choice.

The segment isn’t a bad idea on its own but Jimmy Fallon is the wrong host to perform these impressions, he lacks the voice talent.

Here are the top glaringly obvious reasons why NBC needs to replace Jimmy Fallon on Wheel of Musical Impressions.
  1. Jimmy Fallon can’t sing.
  2. Jimmy Fallon only impersonates Sting and Aaron Neville – this is utterly boring and annoying.
  3. Jimmy Fallon is terrible at impersonations, especially his Michael Jackson and Aaron Neville.
  4. Jimmy Fallon isn’t funny.
  5. The musical guests bring the laughs, then Jimmy Fallon kills it.
  6. Jimmy Fallon can only produce one sound, the annoying one.

I can’t really knock on the musical guests – they are impressive.

When you see the skits, it does make you wonder if the musical guests previously rehearsed their “random” selections.  They’re really talented and are also great at impromptu performances.  I suppose this is why they are in show business.  Unlike washed up diva Mariah Carey who still thinks she’s in the 90s.

Take a look at Jamie Foxx and his performance.

At this point NBC is trying out new segments, they’ve now added “Wheel of Freestyle” and “Dance Battles.” They already realize the Wheel of Musical Impressions segments are getting old.

In case you’re feeling old, take a look at an ageless and timeless Jennifer Lopez.

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