North Korea accused of ‘grave provocation’ as South Korea confirms Kim used SPY DRONE

Last month, a North Korean drone equipped with a camera and aerial photographs of a US defence system site positioned in South Korea, was found destroyed in a South Korean forest, near its border with the North.

After it was discovered, a South Korean Defence Ministry official confirmed the device took at least 10 photographs of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system.

“If North Korea continues to engage in acts of provocation against the South, our military will forcefully retaliate and we warn all responsibility for events occurring going forth is with the North.”

Moon Sang-gyun, South Korea’s defence ministry spokesman, added the drone had been launched from the Kumgang-gun area in Kangwon Province and had flown in South Korea for a total of five hours and thirty minutes, according to its flight path and the photographs taken.

The drone’s spy attempt fuelled fears that the North may be plotting to strike North Korea and were trying to assess their target’s defence capabilities.

America’s THAAD system in South Korea was deployed to counter a growing missile threat from North Korea.

Kim Jong-un’s army of drones are known to have flown over South Korean territory several times.

According to a United Nations report, the North is in possession of at least 300 unmanned aerial vehicles of different types, including one designed for reconnaissance, as well as combat drones.

The UN report suggests that North Korean drones recovered in the South are may have been procured through front companies in China, with parts manufactured in China, the Czech Republic, Japan and the United States.

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