North Korea fears spark bomb shelter buying surge as islanders could have minutes to hide

And the country has moved its missile defence system to central Tokyo, fearing Kim Jong-un will target the American ally.

Missiles have been fired towards the coast of Japan while Pyongyang threatened to blast the US’s Pacific territory of Guam this month, as well as the US mainland.

A PAC-3 Patriot missile unit has been wheeled into a compound at the Defence Ministry in Japan’s capital to blast North Korean warheads should they come near.

Sales of nuclear shelters and radiation-blocking air purifiers have rocketed in Japan as resident fears for their lives.

Meanwhile Hawaii is warning residents over emergency plans and the people of Guam, in the Western Pacific are petrified.

In Hawaii, people have been told they would have just minutes to find cover.

Vern Miyagi, administrator for Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency, said: “Pacific Command would take about fives minutes to characterise a launch, where the missile is going, which means the population would have about 15 minutes to take shelter.

“It’s not much time at all. But it is enough time to give yourself a chance to survive.” 

In the South, the Government is discussing emergency procedures which include warning their people with automated messages to their mobile phones.

In the capital of Seoul there are more than 3,000 bunkers.

Last year, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a press conference it will take all necessary measure to protect its people

He said: “We cannot rule out the possibility [North Korea] will do something provocative without prior warning, such as launching a ballistic missile. 

“The government’s readiness will be rock-solid to protect the people’s lives .”

The country’s Marine Self-Defence Force is also increasing its preparedness by deploying Aegis-equipped destroyers in the Sea of Japan and other areas, the Japan News reported.

Guam is home to about 163,000 people and a US Navy base. 

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