‘She lost her bet!’ Theresa May election gamble could CHANGE Brexit, says EU bigwig

EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici said the Tory leader is now in a “tricky situation” after the Conservatives failed to secure a majority victory.

The PM’s party won 318 seats, eight short of a majority in the Commons – while Labour increased their number of seats by 29 to 261.

Mr Moscovici said: “When Mrs May dissolved parliament in May, she was convinced her party would win an absolute majority in the House of Commons. She said she wanted unity ahead of Brexit talks, but she lost her bet. Things didn’t work out as planned and she now finds herself in a tricky situation.”

The EU Commission’s top financial official warned the General Election result could affect the tone of the Brexit talks.

He said: “Parliament passed the Brexit bill and in two years’ time the UK will have left the European Union. That said, last night’s result will have an impact on Brexit talks. Unlike Mrs May, Mr Corbyn called for a ‘soft’ and ‘flexible’ Brexit deal. Hopefully we can now attempt to negotiate a friendly divorce.”

But France’s new Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the General Election result would not affect Brexit talks.

He said: “The British have voted. The election result does not affect France’s relationship with the UK and a change of government will not affect Brexit negotiations.

“Negotiations will not be easy. They will be long and complex.”

Mr Philippe also talked about the recent wave of terror attacks in Europe, and said France could not continue to live in a state of emergency.

He said: “Our top priority right now is to protect French citizens from terrorist attacks. The terrorist threat remains very high. It has been since 2015. Terrorists are targeting our democracies. But the emergency rule must be lifted – it will be on November 1.” 

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