T-Mobile wants you to ignore last-place finish in nationwide network test

Enlarge / RootMetrics’ network rankings for the second half of 2016.

Verizon’s mobile network has once again been named the best in the US by testing firm RootMetrics, and T-Mobile USA finished last among the four major wireless carriers.

While Verizon Wireless bragged about its victory, T-Mobile claimed that the results are meaningless and that its network is the fastest in the US. The RootMetrics reports have been an ongoing problem for T-Mobile, which has repeatedly claimed that the results shouldn’t be trusted.

RootMetrics releases its reports every six months, based on drive tests conducted throughout the country a few months previously. T-Mobile used to claim that the tests are outdated, but that argument has gotten harder to make as T-Mobile keeps losing to Verizon and AT&T in the tests. In March 2014, T-Mobile said it had been the network leader for “months” and that the RootMetrics data was outdated. Six months later, T-Mobile lost again and predicted that it would “win in their studies in the future as [RootMetrics] data catches up to where our network performance is today.” In August 2015, T-Mobile CEO John Legere slammed the RootMetrics reports as “bullshit” and “antiquated.”

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