‘Bad Archive

Macron struggles to save popularity as poll shows 55 per cent brand him ‘bad president'

The once promising French president now appears to be struggling to

European Central Bank is 'OVERSTEPPING its mandate’: Backlash at ‘bad loan measures’

Lawmakers, particularly those from Italy, have argued that the rules in

German TV comedian hits back at Donald Trump over President’s ‘they are very bad’ jibe

TV host Oliver Welke took a swipe at the Republican billionaire

Donald Trump takes shot at ‘very bad’ Germany vowing to STOP importing foreign cars

The President called the Germans “very bad” in an unexpected outburst

‘Unbelievably bad’ MEP mocks Labour party’s DISASTROUS performance in Dutch election

The party saw its number of seats plummet from 38 to

Trump hails new ‘MILITARY OPERATION’ immigration plans to keep ‘BAD DUDES’ out of the US

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has labelled his new immigration policies a “military

Boris Johnson SLAPS DOWN Swedish MEP who called UK’s liberation from EU ‘bad taste’

BORIS JOHNSON brilliantly shut down a Swedish MEP for saying it

Utah Republican argues against equal pay for women: It’s ‘bad for families’ and society

In a letter criticizing a bill that addresses pay gap in the

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