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Hurry up May: Germany orders Britain to get on with it and LEAVE EU

Member states are due to decide whether or not “sufficient progress”

We're losing Britain but keeping SPAIN?! Anger at EU's 'massive lack of democracy'

Ever since the independence referendum held on October 1 – which

REVEALED: The 70 BILLION reasons why the EU doesn’t want Britain to LEAVE Brussels

Politicians from across Europe have begun to panic as they have

Does Michel Barnier’s briefing document give Britain a big clue to his Brexit plan?

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator was seen with the file in

‘Britain doesn’t know!’ Calls for UK’s EU workers to move to DENMARK over Brexit confusion

A conglomerate of Danish businesses is attempting to lure disaffected Europeans

World War 3: Britain draws up military plans for war in North Korea as tensions rise

The UK is examining options of how to respond to a

Don't bash Britain over Brexit: 'Schadenfreude' is DEVASTATING the EU, warns German paper

The “schadenfreude” towards the British public and “politically dead” Theresa May

‘We love Great Britain!’ Merkel targeted in angry protest outside EU summit

The protesters, who disturbed the arrival and statements of EU leaders

EU LAW MUST RULE: Stubborn Barnier says ECJ must be supreme law in Britain

Mr Barnier has said that the role of the ECJ in

OBLITERATED: Brave RAF fighter pilots blast ISIS cells as they plot atrocities in Britain

The fearless squadrons may have saved hundreds of lives back in

Britain warned not to rely on Angela Merkel to break Brexit deadlock after German election

The FDP candidate Michael Theurer warned against raised expectations from the

North Korea could strike BRITAIN! Kim to launch missile capable of hitting UK, Japan warns

Kim Jong-un’s brutal regime has begun moving launchpads into position which

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