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7 places outside of Silicon Valley hiring tech talent like crazy

Mario Tama / Getty Images We all know that Silicon Valley

A mystery trader just made a massive bet that the stock market will go crazy

Facebook / Warner Bros. 50 Cent has some competition. That’s right,

President ridicules female TV host's looks, calls her crazy

President Donald Trump ridiculed the looks and temperament of a female

Justin Thomas’ record-setting round at the US Open included a crazy U-shaped putt and a 300-yard approach shot

FOX Sports Justin Thomas has been threatening for a while to join

The chat fiction apps that teens go crazy for

Have you ever heard of chat fiction apps? If not, then

A crazy new game dares you and a friend to escape prison together

Ever wondered what it’s like to break out of prison with

Nike’s Breaking2 initiative was a crazy physical achievement and a brilliant marketing campaign

Nike’s Breaking2 initiative didn’t quite reach its goal of breaking the

Skip Bayless explains why Tom Brady playing at age 47 isn't such a crazy idea

Mark J. RebilasMark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports “It sounds really, really

The Crazy New Camera Tech That Made Planet Earth 2 Possible

A slew of new technologies and filmmaking techniques put you in

‘Spain is RUINED FOR 50 YEARS’ Economist predicts crisis and slams ECB over ‘crazy’ loans

A LEADING Spanish economist has hit out at the European Central

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