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Canadian figure skaters dig deep at nationals in pursuit of Olympic glory

VANCOUVER — The short programs set the stage for the final

European member states DEFY Juncker’s total control dream in bid to stop EU ‘deep state’

Jean-Claude Juncker has made no attempt to cover up his hopes

Chattermill raises £600K to use ‘deep learning’ to help companies make sense of customer feedback

Chattermill, a London-based startup that uses ‘deep learning’ to help companies

Mountaineer rescued after FIVE DAYS trapped in 100-feet deep Alpine crevice

The 45-year-old was finally pulled to safety from the Dachstein peak

Apple and GE announce deep partnership

While Apple has had its share of enterprise partners in recent

Germans are doing deep scans of ancient instruments to uncover their secrets

I don’t know if you’re into baroque music, but I can

Trump tweets Puerto Rico is ‘in deep trouble’ while the country struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria

AP Photo/Carlos Giusti President Donald Trump tweeted about Puerto Rico on

Trump’s trade threats are based on a deep misunderstanding of the US-China economic relationship

Philippe Wojazer/Reuters President Donald Trump keeps threatening trade spats with China,

A Democrat in a deep red state

MCLENNAN County in Texas witnessed two unusual events on August 21st.

Microsoft Brainwave aims to accelerate deep learning with FPGAs

This afternoon Microsoft announced Brainwave, an FPGA-based system for ultra-low latency

Matterport grabs $5M more to accelerate deep learning development for their 3D capture tech

Matterport is picking up new funding as it looks to speed

Deeplearning.ai is Andrew Ng’s new series of deep learning classes on Coursera

When Andrew Ng announced Deeplearning.ai back in June, it was hard to

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