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Donald Trump Jr. provided 2 wildly different statements to describe his meeting with a Russian lawyer

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Donald Trump Jr. provided two significantly different statements

'Pretty Little Liars' stars describe the series finale in 5 words

After seven years, seven seasons and 159 episodes, “Pretty Little Liars”

Neighbours describe Montreal resident accused of stabbing Michigan police officer

A Montreal resident accused of stabbing a police officer at Bishop

Two men describe what its like to be tortured for being gay in Chechnya

Reuters/Neil Hall MOSCOW (Reuters) – Two men from Chechnya have told

Witnessing death: AP reporters describe problem executions

The sedative midazolam is supposed to prevent condemned prisoners from suffering

Eyewitnesses describe a chaotic scene after London terror attack

Witnesses to a terrorist attack in which an assailant apparently plowed

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