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‘EU cannot continue’ Italy election will send SHOCKWAVES to heart of Brussels, says Le Pen

The ex-French presidential candidate praised Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini for

USA: ‘EU very difficult to do business with – looking forward to UK pressing reset button’

Ted McKinney, undersecretary for trade at the U.S. Department of Agriculture,

EU to fund €3 MILLION ‘EU theme park’ – with the chance to be an MEP for the day!

And the proposals have raised eyebrows across the continent, with sceptics

Polish reject ‘EU OCCUPATION’: Voices rise for Polexit as Brussels ‘REGRESSING’ nation

Poland’s seemingly steadfast relationship with the European Union is growing increasingly

‘USA dominance is crumbling’ Germany minister hits out ‘but nobody has turned to the EU’

Sigmar Gabriel accused EU nations of allowing the bloc to become

Germans mock Britain over Brexit and Ireland border fiasco: ‘It’s 3-0 to the EU’

The UK has yet to make “significant progress” on Brexit talks

Panicked Brussels issue Catalonia shock ULTIMATUM: ‘If you quit Spain, you quit EU!’

The EU is scrambling to avoid a Catalexit, which would see

‘We need to talk about IREXIT’ Ireland should follow UK & quit ‘divided EU’ says professor

The Republic should stage an ‘Irexit’ and leave the “deeply divided

If we don’t cut all ties with the EU… 1.2m migrants will head to the Britain

GETTY The UK will need to build a city the size

‘EU is falling apart’ Brussels economist says Merkel’s utopian vision of Europe ‘has died'

Fredrik Erixon, who was voted one of the most influential economists

Ireland’s facing ‘CONFLICT with EU’: City boss warns Brussels Irexit is on the cards

The head of the country’s biggest business body, Ibec, said flexibility

‘Theresa May is playing a DANGEROUS game with EU’ warns former Polish minister

The Prime Minister sent shock waves through Brussels with a dramatic

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