‘Fake Archive

Facebook fights fake news spread via modified link previews

Until now, any Facebook Page that posted a link could change

UAE ‘hacked’ Qatari government social media and news sites to plant fake news

Qatar said in late May that hackers had posted fake remarks

Disgraced dentist-turned-foot doctor loses licence after use of fake medical implants

A disgraced dentist-turned-foot doctor has agreed to leave the medical field

Army intelligence targets Russia's fake news in Poland and the Baltic states

They will be asked to use their civvy street skills as

Fake news is a war effort humans need to lead

Bhavin TurakhiaContributor Bhavin Turakhia is the founder and CEO of Flock.

Fake news: you ain’t seen nothing yet

EARLIER this year Françoise Hardy, a French musician, appeared in a

‘PRESIDENTIAL FAKE NEWS’: CNN’s Jim Acosta rails against Trump’s hostility toward the press

CNN CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta railed against President

Generating convincing audio and video of fake events

EARLIER this year Françoise Hardy, a French musician, appeared in a

Facebook requests input on hard questions about fake news and censorship

How should Facebook decide what’s allowed on its social network, and

Storyzy is a quote verifier that wants to skewer fake news

On the Internet no-one knows you’re a dog. And no-one knows

Food allergy sufferers are fed up with restaurant customers who fake it

Sara Elliott has had it with people faking food allergies in restaurants.

Facebook takes to newspapers to teach UK users how to spot “fake news”

Enlarge Getty Images/ NurPhoto Facebook has attempted to lightly rein in

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