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Sundance doc Our New President presents psychedelic vision of US election through a fake news lens

If the feeling at the fairly liberal leaning Sundance Film Festival

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Fake News Awards ‘BREAK the Internet’ as website CRASHES

gop.com The President announced the release of the awards on social

Trump announced his ‘fake news awards’ and the site he linked to went down almost immediately

GOP.com President Donald Trump tweeted a link to his so-called “Highly-Anticipated

BREAKING: Donald Trump hits back at 'unfair coverage' and reveals FAKE NEWS award WINNERS

The President claims studies show that over 90 per cent of

Fake Ukraine PM reassures Guam ‘missiles we sold to North Korea are too faulty to fly'

Comics Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov called the island’s leader to

LONDON PANIC: Shoppers stampede in busy Oxford Street over fake gunshot reports

Mass panic spread after loud bangs in the House of Fraser

Facebook STOPS flagging ‘fake news’ as people MORE LIKELY to believe it

Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons explained in a blog-post: “Academic research

Study: Russia-linked fake Twitter accounts sought to spread terrorist-related social division in the UK

A study by UK academics looking at how fake social media

Scams and schemes: Telemarketers, fake reviewers, Q-ray bracelet: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

Miss something this week? Don’t panic. CBC’s Marketplace rounds up the

Fighting fake news online wins these three projects accolades

Andrew KeenContributor Andrew Keen is the author of three books: Cult

'I felt used': Fake Facebook page used slain Canadian soldier's name, photos

A Facebook page using the name and photos of a Canadian soldier

Paradise papers are fake news and journalists should be in prison, slams Cayman financier

BBC Anthony Travers said he did not know what “tax haven”

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