‘Fake Archive

'1,000% unacceptable': Marketplace confronts college professor about his fake degree

For more than a decade, Dubravko Zgrablic has pursued his “calling”

Amazon ‘deletes 900 FAKE reviews’ of Hillary Clinton’s book

The book, What Happened, went on sale on Tuesday and within

'I am devastated': Toronto lawyer out $100K after hiring fraudster with fake law degree

He dressed like a lawyer, talked like a lawyer and worked

If a Hillary-endorsed media platform is tech’s best solution for ‘fake news’ then we’re screwed

Social media sites have had a pretty interesting year when it

Real news of fake reviews

Goodhart’s Law, as phrased by Mary Strathern: “When a measure becomes

Ukraine tricked North Korean spies into trying to steal fake nuke plans on camera

CNN Ukraine has released footage of two North Korean spies exuberantly

'Skilful' pro-Kremlin operators suspected of posting FAKE Guardian article online

Although the genuine Guardian news site was not hacked, the fake

North Korea’s nuclear missiles are FAKE, claim atomic experts

Leader Kim Jong-un’s recent ongoing missile tests and spate of threats

Facebook fight fake news with links to other angles

Facebook will become the suggester of perspective to avoid being the

Rick Perry duped into fake interview with Russian comedians

Thomson Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry optimistically

Trump complains about fake news, Obama and Republican senators in speech to Boy Scouts

After another challenging day in Washington, U.S. President Donald Trump flew to

Fake street signs mocking ‘easily startled’ police pop up in Minneapolis

Erin Adler, Star Tribune MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The fatal shooting of

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