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Don't blame the rats: Human fleas and lice likely spread Black Death

The Black Death, which killed thousands throughout Europe in a pandemic

Facebook STOPS flagging ‘fake news’ as people MORE LIKELY to believe it

Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons explained in a blog-post: “Academic research

Why pitch for Rogers to sell Blue Jays is likely to strike out — for now

The math is pretty hard to argue with. Rogers bought the

Canadian veterans 'significantly' more likely to commit suicide, study says

The federal government has — for the first time — taken an

Tech giants will likely dominate speakers and headphones

MUSIC lovers do not typically go to the opera to buy

The Pentagon is likely to admit that there are 2,000 US troops in Syria

Thomson Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon is likely to announce

WhatsApp’s hour-long outage today was global in scale, likely caused by software bug

Did WhatsApp go down for you earlier today? You weren’t alone.

Bright object in sky near St. John's likely a meteor, says local astronomer

A local amateur astronomer says a bright object seen falling from

Disabled Chinese space lab likely to crash to Earth in coming months

A defunct, yacht-sized Chinese space lab is expected to fall out

Uber-SoftBank deal “very likely” to be finalized in the next week

The Uber-SoftBank deal is almost done, said Arianna Huffington on stage

Surgery means likely end of Aaron Rodgers' season

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy says quarterback Aaron Rodgers will

Australia’s 2nd national gun amnesty just closed and it’s likely that 30,000 guns were turned in

Getty Images Australia’s three-month national firearms amnesty has ended with more

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