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Horror of North Korea's elite: Defector reveals mass executions and sex slavery

GETTY A North Korean defector has revealed the horrors of life

Ryanair’s mass cancellations are a problem of its own making

WHEN Ryanair convinced many of its pilots to take fewer holidays

Japan makes plans for mass evacuation as fears of North Korea attack continue to grow

The country has been on high alert since North Korea fired

French business boss warns of MASS PROTESTS as crumbling Macron forces labour reform

The leader of the largest French employer federation praised President Macron

North Korea shipping weapons of mass destruction to Syria is 'NIGHTMARE scenario'

North Korea had two shipments destined for the Syrian government agency

Thousands mourn Barcelona attack victims at mass in Sagrada Familia

© AFP Pascal GUYOT Barcelona (AFP) – Mourners wiped back tears

Finland police investigating deadly mass stabbing in Turku

Two people are dead and several wounded after a mass stabbing

Venezuela braces for mass protests against president's reforms

On the streets of Caracas, Venezuela — already one of the

BREAKING: Mass shooting at packed nightclub – At least 17 injured as gunman on the loose

Fresh video shows partygoers fleeing for their lives after shots were

Juncker’s EU party facing mass walk out as France rebels against Strasbourg closure

Brussels is under increasing pressure to shut up shop in Strasbourg,

MAJORCA PANIC: Huge Shark causes mass panic at British holiday favourite

The eight-foot fish with the tell-tale fin was spotted near swimmers

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