‘Mistake’ Archive

Mistake costs Lindsey Vonn gold in World Cup downhill

Sofia Goggia of Italy won a World Cup downhill on home

'Nobody knew what to do': Hawaii missile-alert mistake feeds doubts over real emergency

When Jonathan Scheuer got an alert on his phone of a

'Psychic warning': Some celebrities say Hawaii's mistaken missile alert was more than just an innocent mistake

The head of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said Sunday that Hawaii apparently did

Smiley claims PBS made mistake in ouster, but PBS fires back

Tavis Smiley has defended himself from allegations he had sexual relationships

WhatsApp finally lets you recall messages you’ve sent by mistake

WhatsApp has finally got your back when you send a message

Bill Gates will invest more than $1 billion in public schools — but he’ll have to learn from Mark Zuckerberg’s mistake

Beck Diefenbach/Reuters Bill Gates announced that he would invest more than $

Catalonia 'NOT READY' for independence: Ex-leader says rushed Catalexit would be a mistake

In an astonishing plea for calm he claimed the groundwork had

A CEO explains how making a $40 million mistake made him more valuable to his company

Brad Smith Bouncing back from a $ 40 million mistake might

The Fed risks repeating a ghastly mistake it made right before the last 2 recessions

AP A decade ago this week, traders cheered news that the

Steve Bannon: Firing Comey was the biggest mistake in ‘modern political history’

Screenshot via CBS News Ousted White House chief strategist Steve Bannon

A leadership expert says too many 20-somethings make the same mistake when they take a new job

Simon Sinek is the author of four books, including his latest,

How to avoid a classic mistake super-qualified job seekers make

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images • The best way to stand out to a

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