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Here’s the schedule for when Legendary Pokémon will come and go in Pokémon GO

Ever since the first Legendary Pokémon (read: ultra strong, ultra rare

I went to Pokémon Go Fest to (try to) play the game with thousands of others. Here’s what it was like

“Do people still play Pokémon go?” It’s a question that pops

All Pokémon Go Fest attendees get a Legendary Pokémon, Articuno coming next

Just a quick bit of news for anyone paying attention to

Pokémon Go Fest attendees to get refunds as technical issues break the event

Heading into Niantic’s Pokémon Go Fest — a gathering of roughly

Pokémon Go is getting cooperative play and a new gym system. Here’s how they work

Just about a year ago, Pokémon Go came out of nowhere

Revenue, I choose you! The Pokémon Company’s profits jump by 2,500 percent

It’s been a banner year for The Pokémon Company: Pokémon GO

Get ready for a new Pokémon game for smartphones

The Pokémon Company just launched a new website introducing a brand

The new Pokemon just went live in Pokémon GO and the servers are melting again

 The good news: the 80+ new Pokémon that were supposed to

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