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Military robots are getting smaller and more capable

ON NOVEMBER 12th a video called “Slaughterbots” was uploaded to YouTube.

Smaller is better with Samsung’s Gear Sport smartwatch

Samsung’s been in the smartwatch game longer than most. The first

Cameras are about to get a lot smaller

THE pill-sized cameras in today’s mobile phones may seem miraculously tiny,

General Motors is getting smaller but more profitable

THE headquarters of General Motors (GM) tower over the other skyscrapers

Stephen Curry has a great perspective on having a smaller salary than 81 other NBA players

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is not

India’s top mobile operator Airtel is buying smaller rival Telenor

 Less than a month after Vodafone confirmed it is in talks

HTC has another tough quarter, with revenue down 13% YOY, but smaller losses

 HTC’s latest financials make for another fairly dismal read for the

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