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Western Newfoundland remains in cleanup mode after severe flooding

The cleanup continues in western Newfoundland today after weekend flooding overwhelmed infrastructure and

Baba Vanga who predicted 9/11 makes 2018 predictions – and western world should worry

The Bulgarian peasant, who correctly predicted that the 44th president of

Western companies are getting creative with their Chinese names

MCDONALD’S drew ridicule in China when it changed its registered name

While Western allies criticize Trump's Jerusalem move, Canada remains muted

Canada will not follow U.S. President Donald Trump’s move to recognize

While Western nations mark their ISIS fighters for death, Canada offers 'reintegration support'

Even the interviewer seemed surprised at the answer Rory Stewart, the

Western Canada's ice age melt offers preview for modern climate change

The ice sheet that covered much of Western Canada at the

US aircraft carriers display show of strength on manoeuvres in Western Pacific

The drill will include the USS Nimitz, the Ronald Reagan, the

Western Louisiana in crosshairs as Harvey moves back to land

Tropical storm Harvey has made landfall again along the Gulf Coast, coming

Less than 1% of terror victims were in Western Europe last year

David Gray/Reuters Paris (AFP) – Western Europe accounted for less than

Evil Islamists kill western women because they fear female empowerment, says top historian

Jihadi Salman Abedi detonated his suicide bomb at an Ariana Grande

Why some Russians hope the Western sanctions never end

When Russian cheesemaker Oleg Sirota’s prized dairy cow wandered away from its

Netflix lands the Coen Brothers’ Western TV series

Netflix is going to be home to the first television series

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