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Theresa May ‘will be out of a job by Christmas’ warns Nigel Farage

Mr Farage warned Mrs May’s job is at risk and urged

Trump's US generals vow North Korea missile launch ‘will be met by military response’

The brutal regime of young despot Kim Jong-un fired yet another

Donald Trump ‘will confront North Korea’ as US plan first test of missile defence system

It will be the first operational test of the Terminal High

Trump ‘will build the wall’ as designs submitted for the disputed Mexican border project

Ron Vitiello, Customs and Border Protection’s acting deputy commissioner, said that

Trump ‘will take action’ to end any North Korea threat to US: top security adviser

Hours after North Korea paraded its weaponry and attempted a missile

Donald Trump ‘will NOT be intimidated by Vladimir Putin’, defiant son Eric declares

The US President’s son, Eric, 33, confirmed his father is a

North Korea ‘WILL unleash SIXTH nuclear weapon test NEXT WEEK’ as Kim prepares for war

The hermit kingdom is putting the final preparations in place for

‘Do NOT defy the people’s will’ Blairite Lord Blunkett ORDERS peers to support Brexit bill

DAVID Blunkett has threatened his fellow Lords not to defy the

END OF MERKEL: Chancellor ‘will be BOOTED OUT of office by coalition’, shock poll finds

ANGELA Merkel will be ousted from office by a gaggle of

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