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Arnold Schwarzenegger calls on Trump to publicly reject the support of white supremacists: ‘You have a moral responsibility’

ATTN In a new video, Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger calls on President Donald

NRA spokeswoman threatens New York Times in viral video: ‘We’re coming for you’

NRA Another inflammatory video from the National Rife Association went viral Friday afternoon.

‘You will pay a HARSH PRICE!’ North Korea threatens Seoul amid rising nuclear tensions

Rodong Sinmun newspaper, North Korea’s official mouthpiece, said the South’s National

‘You can ask him’: Top administration officials get grilled over Trump’s confusing answers on Russia

BPA via Getty Images President Donald Trump’s top administration officials struggled

‘We won’t help you’ German industry prepared to lose UK trade to protect EU

Dieter Kempf, head of the BDI, said it was the UK’s

‘I love you!’ Pamela Anderson declares love for ‘SEXY’ Julian Assange in bizarre letter

She pleaded for Julian Assange to be allowed to leave his

Why people say ‘bless you’ after a sneeze

Inf-Lite Teacher/Flickr Everyone sneezes — the average healthy person does so up

‘F*** you!’ Donald Trump blasted in German media after pulling out of Paris climate deal

Local newspaper Berliner Kurier use the powerful, if not vulgar, headline:

Trump can't quit Paris Agreement until NEXT ELECTION as Juncker says ‘you CAN’T exit'

The Paris Agreement is seen as the most important global climate

Mike Pence THREATENS Kim: ‘You will be met with OVERWHELMING RESPONSE if you attack’

The Vice President was speaking aboard the USS Ronald Reagan during

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