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Think fast – this system watches you answer questions to make sure you’re human

The war against bots is never-ending, though hopefully it doesn’t end

It’s the New Year and you’re getting laundry folding robots, because the 1960s thought of everything

[embedded content] The robot laundry folding wars are heating up. The

‘You can sleep when you’re dead’ is actually deadly advice, according to experts

Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Losing sleep puts your body at a

Signing up for Equifax’s help site could mean you’re waiving your right to sue the company

Screen grab Consumers attempting to find out if they are among

Smile, you’re in augmented reality dentistry

For someone getting major dental work or reconstructive surgery, it can

Petcube Bites is a capable canine companion for when you’re not home

Keep your dogs close but your kitties closer, is I think

Elon Musk may have done the one thing you’re not supposed to do during an eclipse

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may have taken a big risk watching the eclipse

Machine learning can tell if you’re wearing swap-meet Louie

A wise man once said “The hat mighta had a L

An algorithm trained on emoji knows when you’re being sarcastic on twitter

Sony Scroll through Twitter and you’ll find plenty of sarcastic comments—not

Dear Floyd Mayweather, you’re why the SEC exists

Dear Floyd Mayweather, While perusing Facebook, I chanced across your post drumming

This facial recognition system tracks how you’re enjoying a movie

As moviemaking becomes as much a science as an art, the

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