William Shatner recalls spending First Contact Day with Carrie Fisher

William Shatner paid tribute to his late friend Carrie Fisher on First Contact Day.

The “Star Trek” star shared a photo to his Twitter page of his 2013 celebration with the “Star Wars” actress.

In the picture, Fisher, who died this past December, has her hands around Shatner’s neck.

“I remember fondly #FirstContactDay a few years ago,” he wrote. “Lunch at a certain alien’s house where she definitely made first contact.”

In “Star Trek,” the first interaction between humans and alien life is said to take place on April 5, 2063. As a result, fans of the series mark April 5 as a special day.

Shatner, 86, shared the same photo in 2014. Three years before that, he and Fisher had a public debate as to who starred in the better franchise.

“‘Star Trek’ had relationships and conflict among the relationships and stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions,” Shatner said in an interview shared to his YouTube page. “‘Star Wars’ was special effects. It was ILM at its best! First of all, ‘Star Wars’ is derivative of ‘Star Trek,’ by what 10, 15, 20 years, something, whatever it was? Derivative!”

“They’re not in the same league,” Fisher countered in another interview. “I mean, they have the word ‘Star’ in the title, and there’s space travel — right, where did they go to? I don’t really… Klingon? It just sounds like a laundry detergent!”

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